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Wild Wanderlust: Embracing Adventure and Fun on the Retreat of a Lifetime.

My Shift Adventure…

If you have been following SHIFT Adventures, you know that their philosophy is about making simple shifts to improve your wellness (edit if needed)

Well this is exactly what they did for me at their last Mexico retreat. They shifted my perception of Mexico and what a fitness retreat would look like… and it was beyond any and all of my expectations.

From the minute I stepped out of the secured area at the airport I was taken care of. They found me right away at the airport, and before I knew it I had a cold beer in my hand and we were off!

Travel tip: If you can, only pack carry-on… I was out of the airport within minutes of arrival and any “extras’ (shampoos, body washes, sun screen, razors…) can be bought when you get there. Save yourself the hassle if you can.

Our first day was very casual, we toured the house, had time to get settled and cleaned up. Then headed out for a beautiful dinner by the ocean. After dinner, we toured through a few art galleries as an after dinner walk, then we got into our PJs and did yoga by the pool. It was the perfect way to end a travel day!

The next morning we literally hit the ground running with a run/walk/workout around Bucerius to get a lay of the land. The workout was as hard as you wanted it to be. It flew by because there was so much to see. We also made a vow that for everyday we were there we committed up to running up the hill - a simple shift to challenge us for the week.

After our workout, we had breakfast ocean side and relaxed with some of the best coffee. Rochelle knows how to make a great cup of JO.

We then strolled down the beach for a beach walk, which led us to the cutest beach bar, where they just so happened to have Mojitos on special, 2 for 1. When I tell you this trip has it all, it really does. It was the perfect balance between being “healthy” and being on vacation. We lined our bellies with the best chips and guac, then headed into the local market to see what it had to offer. Then went for the most amazing street tacos.

For the afternoon, we relaxed. Had some downtime by the pool and in our rooms before heading out for dinner at NWOK, a japanese inspired restaurant, where the owner came and explained the features, introduced us to his family and made us feel right at home. On our way back we noticed JAX, the local dance bar, it had a live band and the dance floor was packed. We had to stop. We danced, laughed and picked up street churros on our way home. Once again, finding another perfect ending to a full day. I should mention we were home by 9pm.

The next morning we were off to Monkey Mountain. This was such a beautiful hike. It was all kinds of different terrains and elevations but doable by everyone in the group. We took lots of breaks to stop and take in the views and worked together to help make sure everyone made it to the top.

We worked up an appetite and headout out for fish tacos and coronas when we got back. They did not disappoint. We ran up the hill again to stick to our goal and then headed back for another relaxing afternoon by the pool and a siesta.

We helped celebrate Sam’s birthday at .La Negra. This restaurant had such a great vibe. A rooftop patio surrounded by trees, a DJ and with a motto “in tacos we trust” how can you go wrong. And their slushy drinks were like a meal of it’s own!

After dinner we headed by to the house for Yoga Nidra in our PJs. I most definitely fell asleep and had the best sleep! Every night I slept with the windows and doors open, the breeze and the sound of the waves crashing in was like a lullaby.

The next morning we woke up refreshed and ready to take on the day. We started the day with a pool side workout, breakfast and then headed down the road to grab some paddle boards and made our way across the bay to the La Cruz Market. Paddle boarding was a workout, but it got better with practice. If you aren’t sure about balancing on a paddle board, know that you can sit and paddle the whole way, I did a solid 50/50 (sit/stand). It was a beautiful day to be on the water and the market had something for everyone. It was like an elegant farmers market. Fresh baking, coffee, salsas, clothes, handmade leather things, homemade lotions, fresh squeezed juices and food vendors to satisfy almost any craving.

We had another chill afternoon by the ocean and made supper reservations at Armando’s. This was by far my favorite meal… from the outside you wouldn’t know what to expect. You walk through a small corridor and then it opens up into the most magical backyard oasis. It was small and secluded and felt like you were in a fairytale. At this point we were really starting to get to know one another and I will never forget the belly laughs we shared that night. It was the kind of night that fed your soul.

The next day we surfed. I woke up that morning terrified… open water isn’t my favourite and sometimes waves scare me. My tummy was unsettled and I was super nervous. All the what if’s raced through my mind… what if I chickened out? What if there were sharks? What if I got swallowed up by a wave? What if, what if, what if? All of those what if’s were erased when we got out in the water. The water was clear, the waves were small and the instructor (Oscar) was so patient, great at explaining the steps and had the best sense of humor. Come to think about it, all the locals in Bucerius were that way; kind, relaxed and super witty.

That afternoon we went for more fish tacos, then had a massage on the beach and relaxed by the pool with sangrias. This was also our last night together, so it was a little bitter sweet. We went for supper at Sandrina’s. And once again the food, dessert and e atmosphere did not disappoint. The front of the restaurant is a beautiful gallery filled with handcrafted glasses, plates, serving platters and so much more and then opens up into an eclectic courtyard restaurant.

We finished off the night with ball rolling and breathing on the terrace while listening to the waves crash against the shore.

The next morning we hit the beach for our last workout. It was a full body circuit and we gave it our all, then jumped into the ocean for a cool down before heading in for breakfast. After breakfast we went for a final beach walk and ended up at Fat Boys for one last margarita… a cadillac margarita to be exact (it’s as big as it sounds and you just need 1). We got a little tipsy before heading back to the house to pack up and make our way to the airport. It was the perfect end to a perfect vacation..

This holiday was jam packed, in a good way. There was always something to do and I feel like because of it I was able to get the most out of this trip. I came back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I have never experienced Mexico like this and never want to do it any other way going forward.

My Shift Adventure allowed me to play like a kid again. It reminded me that even in my 40’s it’s ok to have fun, be silly and try new things. Rochelle and Kathy have this ability of making you feel safe from the moment you meet them and the knowledge to help guide you through the week with ease and youthful excitement.

I had the time of my life and I can’t wait to do it again this year!

- Guest Blogger, Krista from: @Lift.Move.Fuel

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