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Shift Adventures 


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From the minute I stepped out of the secured area at the airport I was taken care of.  They found me right away at the airport, and before I knew it I had a cold beer in my hand and we were off! They shifted my perception of Mexico and what a fitness retreat would look like… and it was beyond any and all of my expectations. 

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This holiday was jam packed, in a good way.  There was always something to do and I feel like because of it I was able to get the most out of this trip. I came back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I have never experienced Mexico like this and never want to do it any other way going forward.  

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My Shift Adventure allowed me to play like a kid again.  It reminded me that even in my 40’s it’s ok to have fun, be silly and try new things. Rochelle and Kathy have this ability of making you feel safe from the moment you meet them and the knowledge to help guide you through the week with ease and youthful excitement.

I had the time of my life and I can’t wait to do it again this year!

I was excited to see a new adventure week being offered in Mexico. I have been on many week retreats that were the focus was fitness in my past, so I had my previous experience in mind as a guideline. Shift Adventures week was amazing with final marks much higher then my previous experiences. I was the oldest in the group with a knee injury. They were able to keep the class moving and assist with alternatives as required. Amazing, fun, healthy week - I'd do it again! 

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We had the best time down in Mexico with Kathy and Rochelle. It ticked so many boxes for us. We had yoga and a decent workout each day. There was also a touristy like adventure each day. There was a couple of days that we partied to hardy and there was an option to attend the next days activities or lounge by the pool reading and eavesdropping on conversations. The location is unparalleled. I can hardly wait to book our next adventure.

The accommodation far surpassed my expectations. I felt relaxed and at home immediately. 

Rochelle and Kathy coordinated different fitness and/or yoga sessions daily that were challenging but always rewarding. They were light hearted and always added a dose of humor to every workout. 

In addition, there were other daily expeditions offering great dining experiences, cooking class, bike tours, snorkeling etc. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire week and will be first to sign up for the next adventure offered. 

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My first excursion with Shift Adventures exceeded my expectations. From invigorating morning workouts to relaxing yoga in the evenings and any adventures in between, the enthusiasm of Rochelle and Kathy was contagious. The accommodations were clean and comfortable and allowed for intermingling of guests as well as individual time if wanted. Exercises were accommodated to individuals if needed based on fitness level and injury. Activities were fun and there was plenty of free time to explore and relax. I would definitely recommend Shift Adventures.  

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