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Why we fell in love with Bucerias, Mexico

Thinking about visiting Bucerias?

We absolutely love Bucerias Mexico and fully understand why every year it’s becoming a little more popular than the last! There are some key reasons why we love going, and we thought we’d share with you 5 of them today! There are some other things about visiting Bucerias that we discovered through The Digital Nomads Blog. And it’s often referred to as one of the most beautiful places to visit in Mexico!

Rochelle has been visiting the area for 10+ years, and is proud to call it her second home. We could write over 100 reasons why we love it, but we’ll start with 5!

We love Bucerias, Mexico because:

1) Safety: Everywhere you go you feel safe, wether it’s at the beach, at the shops, walking at night, walking during the day - you feel comfortable! There is literally nothing to worry about!

2) True to it’s roots: Lets be honest – when you visit some major cities and see yet another Target, Wal Mart or large chain – it feels so great to have small local shops, and a lot of the culture that we crave when we vacation.

3) The food: Fresh fruit, fresh veggies, salad…salsa and so much more. We could eat 24/7 in Bucerias and not get sick of it. Side note: the Margaritas are also incredible!

4) The beach: Sand in our toes and goes on for miles and miles, early morning walks, afternoon siestas and evenings spent on the beach that goes on and on and on — is incredible! You have to see the beaches here. They are unlike anywhere else we’ve been to!

5) It feels like home: The minute we bring our retreat guests to Bucerias they all say the same thing ‘I could live here’. There’s a level of comfort in Bucerias that you don’t get from different resort towns. It goes back to #2 - it’s still true to it’s roots so feels authentic, safe and welcoming.

Each time a friend or retreat guests visits they comment on how incredibly beautiful and refreshing Bucerias is. We always respond with “come join us every year!” Our next retreats happen in November 2022 (soon!) so keep checking this blog, and website for more information. And for now – make sure you visit our Instagram to soak in the stories, events and other things we share on there! Let us know if you have any questions or if you have visited Bucerias already what was your favourite part?

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