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Kathy and Rochelle asked me to write a blog with a vegetarian recipe, but just like Kathy, I'm a bit chatty and had to tell you several stories before I provide you with a full blown tasty recipe. 

My goal is not to tell you HOW to eat, or what to eat – my goal is to share with you that each and every single one of us has a story about food, and eating, and our bodies. Which is why i fell in LOVE with Kathy & Rochelle’s way of teaching: just do whats best for you and loook for small SHIFTS to add in daily. 

Small shifts – doesn’t mean cutting out meat 24/7, or running 10k every single day if you don’t even own a pair of running shoes - it means buying those shoes…picking up a new vegetable at the store and googling it. Anything — that shifts the way you do LIFE. 

Passion for living differently 

One of my passions outside of marketing is living – differently. I’ve owned pilates studios, ran a magazine, worked in Urban Planning, facilitate 1000’s of workshops, owned a vespa, drive an Audi, ran Airbnb’s….and live in a tiny house on the side of a mountain with my two dogs, two kids and partner Neil. 

Years ago I studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition - and became wildly passionate about trying different ways of eating that my body would feel HIGH on. High being – light, easy to move around and energized. I discovered eating ONLY RAW fruits and vegetables - tried that for 2 weeks: got diarhea (honesty is the best policy), then tried what is now “keto” – heavy on the cheese please, and also eating for my blood type, you name it – i tried it. Which unfortunately may now be seen as an eating disorder. 

My obsesession for food, and what I was putting into my body led me to running 20k a day, trying to always keep track of calories rather than how I FELT. 

How to start shifting the way you see vegetarian food

Experimenting - and it doesn’t mean eating tofu or weird things that look like they might be extra gooey and make you gag. Lets not do that k? 

We constantly tell our kids to try this, eat that, do this…do that. And then as adults when it comes to so many things we often think “well….I know what I like and know what I do…so ill stick to that”. 

But isn’t life WAY more fun if you try new things? 

Try this Recipe and then book the retreat: 

Step one: Shop at the grocery store – (haha), but seriously take a look at allthe different vegetables, and i guarantee you have your phone with you. Pause and google one. Let’s see if you can find the Delicate Squash. It’s smaller than a spaghetti squash and way easier and quicker to cook. And in my opinion - tastes like french fries!

Step two: Take that squash home….and slice it in half, leave the skin on! 

Step three: Dice it into ¼ inch so it looks a little like half moons. 

Step four : Cover it in olive oil, and…or cayenne pepper or just salt and pepper. If you like spice add the cayenne, otherwise just plain salt and pepper will work! 

Step five: Put it in the Air Fryer at 400 for 7 mins, take out…eat one, and then put back in for 3 minutes ;) 

Step six: Book the retreat – because that is exactly like trying new food. I’m not kidding – the BIGGEST shift you will feel is that you’ve done it for YOU. Not for your kids, not for your partner, not for anyone else- - just because you want to! 

I’m really thankful that I've gotten to share this receipt and my experience with you as a vegetarian! Check back with Rochelle and Kathy often they have a ton of great things happening!

  • Megan

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