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The adventure continues with Day 4 of the Retreat!

It's the 4th day of your fitness adventure retreat with Shift Adventures. How are you feeling? Perhaps a little slow this morning? Can you feel the muscles you have been using the last few days? How do your tight muscles make you feel? Do they make you feel alive, accomplished or proud?

This morning our rooftop workout will be a Yoga flow workout. This will allow you to spend time getting your blood moving, loosening up those muscles, challenge our balance and wake up your body. Kathy will take us through various flows that will be gentle but challenging. This sequence will stretch and challenge our muscles giving them some much needed love and attention. Do you feel the morning endorphins coursing through your veins, this is how a good morning should feel, invigorated and ready for our next adventure.

Like every other morning our breakfast will be ready when we get downstairs, warm and ready to eat. Take your plate and enjoy it with the group, or find a quiet sunbeam to sit in and enjoy some time to yourself with some delicious food.

Next we will be getting ready for a beach workout. The sand although forgiving on the joints also makes you work harder on balance all those tiny muscles we don't use on a gym floor are working to keep you stable. This will be a bodyweight circuit workout pushing our heart rate up and really enhancing our foot strength. Being out on the sand, pushing ourselves with our group will give you a greater appreciation for everyone around you. I always feel so much pride for everyone when we finish a beach circuit like this. Time for a quick dip in the ocean to rinse off the sand and sweat.

Enjoy some free time by the pool, in the ocean, shopping and checking out some local art or just laying back with a good book or some amazing company. This is time for your to unwind and feel the bliss that is this adventure you decided to give yourself. There is time for lunch but don't fill up too much, because our next stop is our cooking class at Sandrina's Kitchen where we will be learning to cook an authentic Mexican meal.

Sandrina's Kitchen is a spectacular restaurant two blocks down from the Shift Adventures house. Sandra's staff is amazing and always 'on' making sure no matter how skilled or unskilled you are in the kitchen that the food at the end is full of mouth watering goodness. You will work closely with your cooking partner giving you a chance to enjoy each others company and help guide other out along the way. At this cooking class you are asked to bring a bottle or two of wine with you to enjoy while the food simmers. When the food is complete you will have time to eat and enjoy your hand crafted meal. They will send you home with your leftovers, and the recipe so you can make the food again and again.

The evening is fast approaching and although you may be pretty full it is supper time, you can take the night off from eating or indulge in a sweet treat (Sandrina's makes some amazing pie's and cakes you may want to take home). After being in a warm kitchen you may want to take a dip in the pool or take a stroll down the street to digest some of your food.

Yin Yoga is on the agenda for this evening. Stretch deep into those muscles we used today, spend time in each stretch, allowing your deep connective tissues to soften and relax. Breath deep into your body listening to how it is feeling and what it needs. These deep stretches are so amazing, they promote sleep, help with mental focus, and increase circulation.

You may feel very tired after this practice and want to head straight to bed, or perhaps you will feel invigorate and ready to find a local pub across the street that is playing some Canadian hockey. Whatever you feel like doing, this is yours, do with it what you would like.

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