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It’s Valentine’s Day! Who better to Love than YOU?

We know that we need to focus on ourselves a bit more, we know that we push ourselves out of the way to lift up our loved ones. We put others before us all the time thinking it’s the right thing to do. Don’t get me wrong, loving others is great…but forgetting about yourselves….is not the answer. This Valentine’s Day make yourself a priority. Don’t know where to start? Here are some great guidelines to help you on your way. If this list looks good to you book your Shift Adventure trip with us here, we will help you with all these things and more. But there is no better time to start than now!

Mental Health is so important, we wind up getting wound up and our stress becomes so powerful, we don’t know how to come out of this stressful place. How do you deal with stress? My favorite way is to do a Yoga Nidra or a breathing session. I do my very best to fit one in a day even if I am feeling great. When I am not feeling my best I try to do some more mini sessions to help bring my racing heart back down or to direct my focus on what I need to, for my stress levels to come back to level. Another great option is to book an appointment with that great therapist you keep hearing about and having them help you set up some coping skills.

Self-acceptance it sounds so easy, but we are SO hard on ourselves. We set impossible standards for ourselves to live up to. You can give yourself some space to make mistakes, to drop the ball, to mess up a meal, perfect is boring, you can’t make fun of yourself if your perfect, and what’s better than having a light hearted laugh at yourself? If you slip up, let it go, giggle at your mistake, or say out loud to yourself in the mirror “that’s ok, I still love you.”

Boundaries, setting up your boundaries can be a tricky one, the best way to start is to write them down. What are things that make you uncomfortable, scared, doubting your self-worth? Use those instances to write down your boundaries. Share these boundaries with your loved ones. STICK to your boundaries, if someone crosses the line on you, have a solution put in place for yourself. An example of this could be I don’t like it when people call me stupid (insert your word here), that’s your boundary. The next time someone says my idea, my dreams, my direction is “STUPID” take a step back, breathe deeply, and say “that hurts my feelings, and I don’t like having hurt feelings.” “Please be aware this word directed at me will not be tolerated and if it happens again, I will need to separate myself from you for the next -insert timeline here-.” The most important part is to stick to your timelines, secondly stay calm, no one learns anything if you start to yell.

Self-Discovery – You think you know you, and you do, but there is so much more about you that is yet to be discovered. Dig deep and discover you! What do you LOVE to do? Develop that LOVE, find the thing that gives your eyes a sparkle, a bounce in your step or a chill up your spine. I LOVE to challenge myself, not in a crazy bungy jumping way (because I fear heights) but in climbing the mountain and stand on the tallest rock and feel the thrill and fear in a safe setting, kind of way. I LOVE to learn, expanding my knowledge in a way that helps me and supports others. I LOVE to sleep (but I am not great at it), I have discovered the art of a nap, or a Yoga Nidra, it makes me feel amazing and takes far less time that I ever thought it could.

So this Valentine’s Day, take a chance and put yourself first. I know you deserve it, even if you think you don’t. Click here and book your Shift Adventures Wellness retreat and learn this and much more with our guidance in Mexico on November 9-16th 2023.

Take care of yourself, because you are amazing.


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