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How do you pack for a retreat!

Heading away for a little ‘me-time’? A getaway that challenges your mind, body and soul?

Deciding what to throw in the suitcase isn’t as easy as a bathing suit and flip-flops, there are other things to consider. Depending of course on where you are going, the three most important things you should carry with you are:

  1. An open mind

  2. Comfortable clothes

  3. A journal and pen


Having an Open mind while heading to a retreat

#1 - Why an open mind you ask? Well, sometimes it’s human nature to have an expectation or preconceived notion in your head before even arriving! An open mind allows you to fully embrace this adventure and be fully open to personal growth and personal reflection.

What are you trying to gain from your retreat? What is it you hope to have revealed to you?

Maybe you’re just going to get away for a week and escape your routine – that’s fine too – but being open to just having fun is a realistic goal as well.


Comfort is everything while packing for a retreat

#2. Comfortable clothes, that’s pretty self-explanatory. If you’re heading to a beach, then comfy shorts, dresses, tops and shoes are a must. If you’re headed to somewhere

with cooler temps, then pack with layers in-mind. The easiest part of being too hot is that you can remove a layer.


A journal for those A-HA moments

#3. A pen and a journal to capture everything you learn and carry it with you always. It’s so old-school isn’t it - using a pen. But trust us when we say that putting your phone away and taking notes by-hand is a lot nicer and helps you retain information a lot more.

Besides that, don’t forget sunscreen and enjoy your retreat! Rochelle and I are hosting one this month, and we have some upcoming Mexico retreat’s planned too - make sure you check out our page HERE for more information or to get on our waitlist!

  • Kathy and Rochelle

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