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Get outside!

Besides it being more fun, did you know that moving your body OUTSIDE actually has real science backed benefits? Which is a huge part of why we loving taking our guests to Mexico, so we can move our bodies outdoors (when it’s in the heart of Canadian winters back home) and actually enjoy it!

Can we talk about winter for a moment? You know those weeks of -30 and the wind is blowing the snow around so much that you can’t see the end of the driveway? Most of us stay indoors for those days or weeks, right? I notice for me and my family we tend to sleep more, yet we don’t get as good of a sleep. We start to crave all the cookies and baked goods in the world. The bickering between the kids drastically goes up. The mum rage ends up at it’s peak. I try to still do yoga and workout in my basement, but I just feel so lethargic and unmotivated. Does any of that sound familiar?


Well, a big reason why is because we don’t get outside. Moving our body is great, but moving our bodies outside is better! Here are just a few (scientifically backed) benefits of getting outdoors and into nature:

• decrease stress and stress hormone cortisol.

• Increase energy from sun exposure and vitamin d.

• Decrease heart rate and blood pressure.

• Improved sleep (quality over quantity).

• Decrease anxiety.

• Improve mood and mental health.


The science shows just 20-30 minutes outside in nature is all you need, but more won’t hurt you (wink wink).


So how are you getting outside today? Go hug a tree, go for a walk, roll in the grass…you decide. Just make sure you get outside because your body & mind will thank you.


And if you’re like me and already dreading winter, don’t forget to extend your summer into November. Book your Shift Adventures retreat today.

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