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Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Our goal is to see SHIFTS in people – whether at our individual yoga or personal training sessions - or at one of our retreats in Bucerias Mexico. We love those A-Ha moments people experience when they try something new or add in small things daily that end up making a big difference.

When we started our retreats - we realized a few of our guests all experienced ‘shifts’ before, during and after coming to Mexico. That inspired us to create something for EVERYONE regardless of coming to our retreats or not.

Meet The Spring Shift Challenge!

This isn’t a “eat this”, or “do this” challenge. This challenge involves YOU choosing what you want to do from our Bingo Card, doing them and feeling amazing afterwards! (Plus a few prizes never hurt anyone!)

The things we’ve outlined in our Bingo card – ANYONE can do, and the great thing about it, some may take you 30 seconds, and others you can do WHILE you’re living your day to day life

e (ie squat a few extra times after you’re done using the restroom!) changes that everyone can make or do based on how they’re feeling that day!

How does the challenge work?

Step one: Join HERE , it’s entirely free and will only take you a few minutes each day for 3 days

Step two: Check your email (spam too!) - you’ll get our super fun Bingo Card which we will talk about directly in our Facebook group!

Step three: Save the dates on your phone April 11-17th so you remember to participate

Who should join or Spring Shift Challenge?

YOU! If you want to feel a tiny shift in the way you feel (physically or mentally or BOTH) join us for the 3 day event. Even if you do ONE thing from the Bingo Card – we promise you’ll feel a little different. We’re excited to have a variety of ages doing the challenge with us this time!

Please make sure to join us HERE. If you’re reading this AFTER April 11 2023 - you can still register and you’ll be notified of our next challenge and retreats when they happen!

PS if you are part of our Shift Challenge...

click the link below to listen now.

See you soon, Rochelle & Kathy

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Rochelle Yoga Nidra 13 min
Download • 18.53MB

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