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Adventure Retreat - Day #3 - The shift continues...

Welcome to Day 3. We hope you're settling in, and starting to feel like this house is your home away from home. How was your sleep? Does anyone need ear plugs for a noisy roommate? Let us know, we are here to make this trip as enjoyable as possible.

We are back on the rooftop this morning for another body weight workout. These workouts should be a challenge, but they may also be sneaky. Feeling easy to start, then showing up later in the day with sore muscles, letting you know you are working your body. Of course, we are happy to modify the workout however you need. You know your body, so be sure to let us know if something needs to change. Be sure to give yourself and your travel companion a high five: you've been up two mornings in a row, starting your day off with a bang. You may not know it yet, but you're already making a small shift in your brain, creating a new habit of putting yourself first, moving your body as soon as you get up.

Just like yesterday, as you head downstairs, you should hear, see, and smell breakfast being prepared for you. A little reward for getting up early and taking charge of your day. Thanks to the surveys you filled out prior to arriving, our private cook is making dishes that suit any/all of your dietary needs. Grab a cup of coffee, tea, juice, or water, and take a moment to soak up the morning sun, FaceTime with your family back home, or practice your Spanish. Breakfast will be ready soon.

We hope everyone enjoyed their SUP practice yesterday. Today, Oscar from Bucerias Surf, will be taking us on a lovely SUP tour across the bay to La Cruz. Kayaks are available if you're more comfortable in a boat. Once in La Cruz, you can enjoy the Sunday market. There are all sorts of vendors to see. Shop, just look, whatever you fancy. Oscar has arranged a car ride back to our house, so you don't have to worry about carrying back any purchases on your paddle-board. There are some amazing food and cold drink vendors, if you need to refuel/hydrate after your voyage. Don't forget to sit for a little bit, and enjoy some of the live music that will be at the market too. This market is only open today (Sundays), so soak it all in, as long as you like.

When you get back to the house, Luis our Massage Therapist will be up on the roof, and the first two guests who get back from La Cruz will be able to relax and enjoy a massage. After two days of paddle-boarding, there might be a race to get back for the massage, but don't worry, Luis will be at the house daily. You will all get a chance to have the best massage in Bucerias. If today is not your day for a massage, the afternoon is yours, to do as you like. Enjoy a little time in the hammock, nap, lay by the pool, or swim in the ocean. Your vacation, your choice.

We suggest dinner by 5:30 each night. This gives you time to enjoy a lovely meal, perhaps another sunset, and time to get back to the house for another rooftop session. Tonight, we will be learning how to use Tune Up Fitness Therapy Balls, to roll out all of our sore muscles. Think of it as a self-massage. We have enough ball sets for everyone to use their own, so you won't have to worry about someone else's stinky feet on your balls. Take them back to your room, and use when you like for the rest of the trip. But please, return them on Day 8, before you go home. Then, we can clean them and have them ready for our next adventure group.

The official plans of the day are now complete. The night is yours. We will see you in the morning for a Sunrise Yoga Flow. We sure are proud of all of you, and everything you've accomplished so far! Be sure to take a moment to be proud of yourself too.

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