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Adventure Retreat - Day # 1 - the shift is waiting for you

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

This adventure retreat is for you, it is designed to make you feel comfortable, make things easy but it is also designed to challenge you, push you to discover new things about yourself and what you are capable of. We will "hold your hand" if you need it or "give you a push" if you are ready. We will watch you and make sure you are safe, supported and comfortable to try things that perhaps you have not felt safe to try before.

Day one, you will fly into Puerta Vallarta. This flight could be coming from anywhere, so don't worry if you are flying from a city that is not one that your travel companion is flying from. We will connect you safe and sound in Bucerias, Mexico. Upon arriving in Puerta Vallarta, Kathy and Rochelle will meet you at the airport and insure you get to dip your toes in the pool and cool off, rinse off in the shower or take a nap before supper on the first evening.

We will go to Karen's Place the first night, this restaurant is 1/2 a block away from our house and right on the beach. This allow you to see your first sunset over the ocean, have an amazing meal and to get to know the group that will be spending the week with you. After supper we will head back to the house and be introduced to the most beautiful rooftop where we will be spending many mornings and evenings.

On the rooftop the first evening we will be doing some well deserved stretching after being cramped in a plane all day. We will also be learning some breathing techniques to guide you into a state of relaxation during your first night in a new place.

After your evening stretching the time is yours to do with what you want. Take a walk down the street and find a local place to sit and watch the city come alive. Take a dip in the pool. Get to know some people on the trip a bit more or go to be and get some well deserved sleep.

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