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Scavenger Hunt This Way!

In our house, we do a scavenger hunt at every birthday party. Scavenger hunts are fun for a variety of reasons; they help us think creatively, they help us solve problems, they force us outside and they often work in group settings. We have even used them for team building at work. You just can’t go wrong with a good scavenger hunt, right?

Now what about a scavenger hunt that is thought-up just for you? You get all the same benefits as listed above, plus you get to ground yourself, explore what you enjoy and ‘hunt’ for what brings you joy. This type of scavenger hunt I’ve never actually done, but it intrigues me and tickles my curiosity. I like to be curious, how about you?

Let’s take 15 min to put you first. Be curious about the world around you and how you actually feel about it. Try to dive deep and find little things that make you happy, that hit your spark and light you up. We want you to be a bright burning force — the YOU that you want everyone to see.


Go outside and find…

  • An item that makes you happy, makes you smile.

  • Something that you think will make a friend smile.

  • One thing you LOVE to smell.

  • One thing you could sit back and look at. (Just by looking at it makes you feel good)

  • Something that’s your colour.

  • Something that makes you thankful for nature.

  • Something you can use to make a gift for someone.

  • Something that is useful to you.

After you’ve taken that time for you, think of how you feel.

More grounded?

Do you feel more like the you, you want to be?

We hope you do! Because being the best you is all we can really ask for in life right?

Enjoy your day and feel amazing about who you are, because what you are is amazing.


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