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What is included?

What Do you get?

We handle all of the logistics from arriving at the airport and getting to the house, getting to and from all activities, booking and scheduling of activities, breakfast at the house, and even your pre-flight COVID testing.

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You just need to show up, bring your yoga mat, swim suit, and your willingness to get out of your comfort zone to experience new things. 


We will book 1 massage per person, with a massage therapist that comes to the house. We are happy to book more for you, but only 1 is included in the package cost. All other massages are at your own expense. The first and last night dinners (with 2 drinks) are included in the package price. You will be responsible for all lunches and dinners not previously mentioned. There will be beer, wine, bottled water, sparkling water, and some light snacks stocked in the fridge. However, once it is all gone, it’s gone. If you want more, that will be your responsibility to purchase. Remember to share with the other participants. A local chef will make breakfast daily, after the morning rooftop workouts. Linens, towels, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and body lotion are all supplied in each room. A house keeper will be in to clean your rooms once during the week, and twice for the common areas of the house. If you want your bed made every day, that is up to you. Remember though, you are on holidays and your mom isn’t here, so if you don’t want to make your bed, you don’t have to. 


Each day there will be a sunrise rooftop session of either a workout or a yoga flow class. We will end each day with another rooftop session, this time with either stretching, mobility work, yin yoga or yoga nidra. In between, each day will have an out of the house activity. Examples of said activity are; surfing, beach workout, paddle boarding, hiking, and a cooking class. We take care of booking/scheduling all of the activities, as well as the logistics of getting to and from there. 


The package price is non-negotiable and includes all activities listed in the itinerary. It is however your trip and you can always choose not to partake in one or more activity. There will be NO refund for any activity you choose not to do. 


Gratuities not included

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