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Meditation: You don't need to be sitting to meditate.

Kathy is the genius behind our meditation sessions both during the retreats and while we hang out as friends – and trust me when I say – “sitting” in meditation is not something that comes naturally for myself (Rochelle) or for many of our guests and clients! The important thing to remember about meditating: awareness, the paying attention to what is going on AROUND US rather than the ‘inner’ chaos we feel in our head.

How to start seeing meditation differently

Cross legged on the floor with deep breaths that everyone can hear is the vision that comes to mind when we all think of meditating. We can blame that on the movies and media - because it’s far from the truth.

As a mom, wife, business owner – I often find myself in a bit of a ‘hustle’. Where the days and hours are turning into one. Which is why I have incorporated meditation into almost every hour of the day. I hope this blog helps you shift into a calm momentnt.

At work meditating

While I’m at work (which is a high stress job) I take the time to close my eyes….and BREATHE when I notice my anxiety rising or the stress environment shifting. The 10 seconds it takes me to do this while STANDING, or sitting in my vehicle— change the next hour and a bit. I go into the situation calm, relaxed and ready.

At home meditating

At home with the kids – those moments where you just cannot hear another “snack please” or “can I mom”...or admittedly maybe an evening where you just want to go to bed but have to read another Curious George – my quick 10-second meditation habit and trick kicks in – and all is good…in the house.

The goal in ALL of these situations is – awareness. Awareness of your breath (not taking full breaths, or holding your breath), awareness of your thoughts (racing or overwhelmed thoughts)...awareness of your body (tight shoulders or jaw).

Deep meditation is WONDERFUL when we can do it in a class, or in a quiet space in our home, but we know this isn’t always possible. I hope this helps – even just a little bit today – when something comes up, breathe, close your eyes — and focus on what your body is feeling…..and then when you’re feeling the ‘stress’, breathe it out of your body, picture it being expelled from you with your breath.

What I want you to know: there’s no RIGHT or wrong way to meditate – it’s about YOU taking those extra moments for YOU.

You’re welcome ;)

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